More than just a card...

A box with significance

Boxed cards have a little bit more to them than a standard card. As you open it up, you pause and reflect a little more. You can’t just tear it open, it is instinctively opened with care and consideration. The recipient feels that this is more than an ordinary card. 

And, that all starts with the box.

Wrapped up with care

Once the box has been opened, the card is pulled out. It’s wrapped in an additional layer of paper. This is to protect the card and to add an additional layer of suspense and luxury. They open up the paper to finally view the card they have received, which is a carefully considered artistic design.

A panoramic view

Part of what makes my cards unique is their panoramic fold. So, once you have seen the card upon opening there is still more to unfold and more to see. This also means that the card can be stood up to be viewed from three angles.

I work extremely hard on the artwork that is included within my card collections, so that this panoramic effect has more of a wow-factor.

Printed Moments

Within my cards you can print anything you like. From birthday wishes, to love letters, to silly poems and memories you have shared with the recipient. This makes my cards perfect for work leavers, school leavers, wedding congratulations, important Birthdays and anniversaries.

You can choose to have our cards printed or to write in them yourself. You can even opt for the front page to be printed but to leave space on the other pages to write your own messages.

Add something extra

Gift card holders are an optional extra. They are also quite beautiful in their own right and I’ve had people using them for all sorts of stuff including business card holders. 

Presently, these can only be added in if the card is being sent to you and not the recipient, as you’ll need to open up the card to place your gift card inside the holder.