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In Praise of Paper

“In Praise of Paper…”

“…of paper, truly everyone’s a lover;

By the pen and press such a knowledge is displayed

As wouldn’t exist if paper was not made.

Wisdom of things, mysterious, divine,

Illustriously doth on paper shine.”

– Anonymous Boston Newsletter 1769.

Copyright Card Baste Designs ©2021 All rights reserved.

The Cards

These panoramic cards have the space to put in lots of colourful detail. They are tri-folding cards, with edge to edge colour. There are embossed lines throughout the card, some are decorative, some are functional.

The embossed line closest to the spine; on the front of the card, is for standing the card up on a shelf, and also for you to easily remove the Gift Card Envelope, to place a gift card inside, and replace back on to the X gift card hanger.

My first collection are Floral card designs, they will be my mainstay.

The Spines

The spine colour is chosen to coordinate with the card designs. They can be either, plain, metallic, glitter or printed.

The Spine also has embossed lines on the front and on the back. They can be folded if you really want to open the card out more fully.

The Spine combines all the pieces together with string, and is an integral element to the design of my cards.

The Spines – Colour Wheel – Card Baste Designs ©2020

The French Fold papers

I love these French Fold papers. They look so pretty the way they fan out when the card is opened. I have carefully chosen some of my favourite papers, for their gorgeous colours and textures. You can add in up to 3 of these papers, either printed with your chosen text, simply left plain for you to use your favourite pens, or you could use a metallic pen on some of the *darker coloured papers which look spectacular.

*Darker coloured papers: – Black, Blue, Green cannot be printed on as the ink won’t show up.

French Fold Papers – Card Baste Designs ©2020

The Fillers

I use fillers as both a decorative and protective element. They are just visible at the edges when you look inside the card. I’ve placed a filler between the front and back boards and for every French Fold paper inserted. They fill out the spine to give strength and also add in a tint of colour.

Fillers – Card Baste Designs ©2020

The X Gift Card Hanger

The X hanger

The Gift Card envelopes are held on my X hanger inserts when you buy them. The envelopes slide off easily from the hanger for you to insert a gift card and then place them back on the X hanger to present them to your family and friends.

X Hanger – Card Baste Designs ©2020

The Gift Card Envelope

A gift card, is a present and I often buy them for my family and friends. The stationery that is presented with them is often lacklustre and disappointing.

I designed these Gift Card envelopes to add a little pizzazz for your *gift cards. The cards can then be inserted without the need for the gloopy glue that they’re normally attached with. Each little Gift Card Wrap has 3 insertion points.

The envelopes can also be used for your **business cards as a stand out item for your customers. Holds up to 3.

They can also be used as an ***envelope.

My Gift Card Wraps can be Plain, (one colour, as standard), two colours, or printed with your message, logo or images. (Please contact me if you’d like something different to my current selection on the website.)

*Gift Card not included.

**Fits Standard thickness sized business cards; up to 3. Or 1 thick business card.

***Without the flap being folded inside

Gift Card Envelopes – Card Baste Designs ©2020

The X Wrap ribbon

X Wrap Ribbons – Card Baste Designs ©2020. All rights reserved.

I like bows, but I’m not very good at tying them. They add bulk to the finished item and can distort the envelope, card or both. This closure looks exactly the same on the front and on the back of the card. It holds all the boards and papers together, presenting an elegant finish. You have the choice to add this *X Wrap ribbon©2021 or simply buy the card without it.

There are no knots or bows involved, it is simply wrapped and woven through the card layers. Some people have found it maddening to do up, but it really is simple to do once you know how to do it.

With this in mind, I have designed a very simple to follow instruction sheet, which will be sent out with every order that has been bought with a ribbon. To open it, simply pull at the ribbon ends.

I haven’t seen this ribbon closure anywhere else, so I’m claiming this as my unique ribbon tie closure.

So, maddening or not, it stays.

*Please keep this card well away from babies and children.

If you wish to recycle one of my cards, please remove the ribbon first and cut it up into small pieces before disposing of it.

The Wrap

The Wrap matches the style of the Gift Card Envelopes, it adds an extravagant and elegant finishing layer to my cards. It also provides another layer of decorative protection for the card, especially with our inclement climate. This ensures your card and its contents arrive in pristine condition.

Whichever colour French Fold paper you choose, The Wrap will be in the same colour to match. It fits snuggly inside the box.

Wrap – Card Baste Designs ©2020

The Box

If you order a card from me it will arrive in a beautiful elegant printed box. The boxes have been printed with a coordinating or complimentary design. Once the top of the box flap has been folded in, it won’t open until you pull up the ribbon tab ends just peeping out from the flap.

The box arrives fully made up, with an external protective wrapping.

Box – Card Baste Designs ©2020
Box – Card Baste Designs ©2020

The card sizes

Card sizes – all are approximate

Card – Opened – W 387 x H 152mm

Card – Closed – W 155 x H 152mm

Gift Card Envelopes – W 94 x H 60mm

Wrap – Opened – W 473 x H 156mm (Not including flaps)

Wrap – Closed – W 155 x H 155mm

Ribbon – L 140mm

Box – W 158mm x H 158mm

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All about my cards

In Praise of Paper “In Praise of Paper…” “…of paper, truly everyone’s a lover; By the pen and press such a knowledge is displayed As

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