Rustic Roses


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The colours of these roses are so vibrant. Yellows, Peaches, Oranges, Pinks & Reds. Isolated on their own or as a bouquet they are a stunning bloom.

You can customise this card by adding your own personal printed message, changing the paper colours, and adding in a gift card. If you wish to have a plain card with no alterations simply add to cart below.

*If you are purchasing more than one card with customisations and messages, you will need to customise these one at a time.

French Fold Papers, Wraps & Gift Card Envelopes

All of my cards come with this interior style of folded paper, as shown in the picture here. The “French Fold” papers fan outwards when the card is open. The pages resist curling at the edges, giving a very elegant finish to your cards. These papers look stunning when printed on.* Or if you prefer; the darker shades, you can use your preferred metallic pens.

I have chosen my absolute favourite coloured papers for you to admire. There is a choice of 15 gorgeous shades to choose from. A matching Wrap accompanies each card order; and if chosen, a Gift Card Envelope.

*Darker coloured papers:  Black, Blue, Green cannot be printed on as the ink won’t show up.

Rustic Roses

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I love the slightly crinkled edges of the petals on these roses. The colours feel quite rustic to me. The leaves were a deeply veined glossy green.

I removed almost all the leaves from these roses, and photographed them separately to keep them for other future designs.

Size (approx.) H 152 x W 385mm


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